Friday, 10 October 2014

Try again

"I'm trying to be better"

*laughs* "really? I failed all the time!"

"then, let's try again"

"till when? I'm tired"

"till our last day. That's the only time when there's no more room to make mistakes"

Mistakes are fine. Don't regret. Sometimes we can't figure out why, can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Perhaps we will still be inside the tunnel. But we'll be a stronger person inside, and we've learnt, which way is the wrong way.

We'll learn.

Try again.
Try again.

Well, superheroes can't give up. Hahaa Berangan!

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Thursday, 7 August 2014

This world ain't paradise, honey

To my arrogant heart
To le rare flowers of mine
To everyone, cause everyone's being tested in different ways and pace.

Just as everything seems to be perfect
Then swoosh! Something happens  that wipes away yout past carefree life
You cry, you fail to control your angst, you curse the fate
Your smile ain't true
You live sorrow life

Because you forgot
This world ain't paradise, honey

Yet, it's better this way
For you, wouldn't live in an illusion
For you, would know your heart's condition
And who really hold ur heart

For if not, your head would never bow down sincerely
Wouldn't even bother to seek help and forgiveness from ar-rahman
Wouldn't even want to return to Him, before you're returned, without ur will

Without trials, foes can fool you as friends
Money can deceive you, telling that he owns all
And you yourself will think everything's under your control

So honey, trials are indeed blessings
For we'll realise, this is not a place to stay
There's a better place
And it ain't free

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Terbang, terbanglah...

Bila kita mulai belajar terbang,
Jangan lupa tundukkan hati,
Bebas itu bukan ertinya
Pada sang layang2 putus tali

Terbang, terbanglah..
Asal destinasimu Dia redhai
Biar perjalananmu, jatuh bangunmu,
Bukan sekadar untuk debu2.

Terbang, terbanglah..
Terbang biar makin ingat tempat kembali
Biar makin ingat masa bukan keluli
Bakal pergi, bakal pergi

Terbang, terbanglah..
Terbang sepenuh hati
Biar sakit biar perih
Bukan untuk siapa2 tengok
Tapi untuk yang Esa

Untuk seorang aku
Sayapku telah lama lemau
Lenaku dulu panjang
Bila tiba waktu untuk terbang-
Maka aku masih bingung, lambat
Tapi siapa yang mahu terus lena?
Kita ada hati juga akal
Masihkah mau tidur dalam lumpur hanyir-
Tika langit itu sebegitu indah?

Terbang, terbanglah!
Kejutkan yang masih lena!

A year older alhamdulillah..
Should be a year wiser.

Selamat ulangtahun juga, ma
Wallahi rindu tak terkata.

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